1. Louise

    Some devious clues here, including a couple where the parsing escapes me. And not sure I’ve the right answer for 4d.

    Are you the Anto that sets the Guardian Quiptic?

  2. anto

    4D is a toughie — think of an Australian poet and how else a Parisian river might be spelt.

    Let me know if you need any more hints.

    I’m not the Guardian Anto — I had never heard of him. I might need to christen myself with a new nickname. How odd!

  3. Louise

    Ah! Missed the homophone indicator for the Parisian river.
    I think the only other one I can’t parse is 25d, and I’m only assuming I’ve got the right answer because it fits the def.
    Didn’t quite get the AFL reference in 29a but decided it was either a quirky def or there were something about AFL I didn’t know, (Which is very possible)

    The quiptic is the Guardian’s weekly beginners puzzle. Their Anto is rather unconventional and more difficult than most in that slot. I was thinking yours was even more unconventional than his!

  4. anto

    25D has a few things going on. In that one, the more politically correct version of AD is placed after a chopped herb.

    For 29A, an AFL forward often runs towards his teammate with the ball further up the field, and that skill — the timing, the speed, the direction — is known as the answer.

    And I’ll definitely give an Anto quiptic a go. Should be fun!

  5. Louise

    D’oh. Obvious when someone explains it to you. 🙂 Thanks
    And thanks for an interesting and different puzzle.

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