1. Gayle

    Beautiful concept, layout and links. Great work AS and LR.

    Enjoyed anto’s Cryptic #1 puzzle from first to last. Liked the international flavour, in general knowledge and language. But no New German or High Hebrew required. : -) Google-free zone from Australian rock band to Spanish painter and foreign national freedom movement.

    anto’s indicators are fun and interesting, with some nice misdirection , eg 8D, 20A, and my favourite 9D. The Puzzle Edition’s cryptic standards say that we might get some Mexican sports (I’m from NSW). Not being sports mad but female, am pleased to see that basketballers may get a mention. Only one sports reference today, and it doesn’t discriminate between code, state of origin, or gender.

    Haven’t tried Poetrics #1 yet. Iambic pentameter takes me back. Fortunately I don’t remember the sonnet, so it’ll be a fun challenge when i get round to it.

    Great first edition. Something for everyone, and of a kind that can’t be found elsewhere. Very satisfying. Hope there’ll be many more.

  2. anto

    Thanks for the feedback; even better that it’s positive!

    It took a lot of work to get the first issue out, but the next issue should take a lot less effort now with everything set up.

    Expect a new issue in about two weeks.

    Unsure how the Poetrics will go… I like them, but I’m a little biased. Might also try a quick crossword as well. A cryptic and a quick really do go well together.

  3. Stephen

    Enjoyed the XW a lot…harder than the normal Age/SMH but not at DA level. 35 minutes, but I should have been able to get 11A without google and then 7D followed. Keep up the good work!

  4. anto

    Sounds like we’ve got the difficulty level about right then. We were aiming for something that was not as difficult as a DA but just as full of tricks.

    Very glad to hear you enjoyed it!

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